All About Teletronic

Teletronic began life in May 2001 as a companion site to Television Heaven. Whereas the original site was concerned with 'classic television shows', Teletronic concentrated more on contemporary shows. It was updated once a month and was one of the first television magazines on the Internet, with all new features added each month. Teletronic continued in this vein until around November 2005 when it started chronicling the history of television beginning with the early pioneers and the history of the BBC.

In February 2014, Teletronic became the name of Television Heaven's ezine. In 2019, television history became its focal point once more. On the site you will find a comprehensive history of the years of discoveries that led to the development of television, the early days of BBC Television, the advent of commercial television in Great Britain, the development of different genres, the vast array of products that became available as a result of television, the words of the actors and technicians involved in television, and how so many classic TV shows came to be lost.

In 2023, Teletronic had its most recent facelift to optimise it for desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Teletronic is a privately owned non-profit making site and does not sell DVD or videos directly and is not affiliated with any other Website using the name Teletronic or similar to sell recordings of shows that have not been officially released. This is an infringement under copyright law and sellers and buyers of this type of material could leave themselves open to criminal proceedings. Instead, we use links to reputable online stores purely to offset the running cost of the site.

Teletronic would be more than happy to hear from anyone wishing to contribute original and well-written articles on the history and/or development of television. Please email [email protected]


Obviously when putting together a website of this size and depth it is necessary to research numerous resources and call on an untold amount of references. This means utilising what is available as well as relying on the memories of those people who have been gracious enough to write articles, grant Teletronic interviews or send emails with pieces of information that might not be available elsewhere.

There may be unavoidable instances where something you have read here may be available elsewhere either in print or on the Internet. That is because Teletronic is a factual work and not a work of fiction. It is inevitable that comparisons may be drawn by articles appearing here to what you have read elsewhere. However, every attempt is made to avoid the wholesale reproduction of other authors work. All the articles on this website, unless otherwise stated are the original words of the attributed authors.

Many printed and Internet references have been knowingly used to confirm certain facts, dates and other programme and/or biographical information. In each case every endeavour has been made to acknowledge reference material in the footer of each page where such reference has been externally resourced.

Of particular reference have been the Television Annuals edited by Kenneth Baily from 1950 to 1961, and weekly publications such as old TV and Radio Times.

A very special thanks goes to my good friend, the late Michael Spadoni, for his contributions to Teletronic, especially in its early days. A true gentleman who is sorely missed.

Thanks also goes to the following people: Doctor Daniel O'Day, Ian Freeman, Raymond P. Cusick, Matt Zimmerman, Pippa Gwillam, Bob Furnell, John Winterson Richards.

Every attempt has been made to make the above list as comprehensive as possible and Teletronic apologises for any omissions. If your name is not here and it should be please email Teletronic.